Week-long Moscow Tour

If there is a week at your disposal to spend in the capital of Russia, you have a chance to see only a small part of all gems it has to offer; however, it is the perfect amount of time to cover not only the most famous and popular tourist sites but also some peculiar, so-called off-the-beaten-track things that also worth visiting.

Day 1. Arrival to Moscow
Day 2. Panoramic City tour and Novodevichy Convent
Day 3. Kremlin and the Armory. Moscow metro & Old Arbat
Day 4. Kuskovo
Day 5. Tretiakov Gallery
Day 6. Sergiev Posad

day 1 Arrival to Moscow

The driver is already waiting for you at the arrival terminal, while your plane is landing. You will be met with the signboard with your name on it. On your way to the hotel, you can have a rest after the flight; not many drivers speak English or other languages, so no tours are programmed during the transfer.

The rest of the day will be spent at the hotel, or you can get acquainted with the city on your own. Another option is to book a guided tour of the night Moscow — honestly, it has splendid panoramas, decorated with various multicolored lighting!

day 2 Panoramic City tour and Novodevichy Convent

If you have already seen Moscow at night, it is time to explore it in the daylight. The guide meets you at your hotel lobby with a signboard; after you introduce yourselves to each other, the driver takes you all together to see the admirable streets, architecture monuments, churches, and squares of Moscow. Among the included photo-stops and checkpoints are Nikolskaya Street, Red Square, Kremlin, Saint Basil’s Cathedral, MSU Building, the KGB Building, Sparrow Hills, Zaryadye Park, Arbat Street, Poklonnaya Hill and its WWII memorial, Moscow City District, China Town.

After you get acquainted with different layers of Moscow and make sure how peculiar is its marriage of Soviet times and high-end modern era, you go straight to the ancient Russian period — to see Novodevichiy convent, the most famous religious complex of Russia. This site is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as one of the oldest buildings remaining from the times of Grand Prince Vasili III — the monastery was founded in 1524 and later became a home (and sometimes — a prison) for women of the tzar family. The city tour includes an inside visit to the territory of this majestic fortress and walking inside its mysterious walls.

day 3 Kremlin and the Armory. Moscow metro & Old Arbat

It would be strange to skip the Kremlin on the first visit to Moscow, and you will not miss it with this tour. Even more, besides the visit to the Cathedrals, hidden behind the Kremlin’s walls, you will see the Armory — the greatest collection of Russian armors and treasures like the Faberge eggs.

If you want to go on the optional Moscow metro and Old Arbat, it will be the first tour of the day. Here you go without a driver, to enjoy walking the most famous Russian pedestrian street and ride the metro to see the beauty of Komsomolskaya, Dmitrovskaya, Teatralnaya, and other stations — something that all Muscovites got used to.

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day 4 Kuskovo

It is not that easy to catch the blistering rhythm of the metropolis, is it? Don’t worry though — this day is a breath of fresh air in the literal sense. You are going to drive away from the noisy city center and find yourself in a small quiet place — Kuskovo mansion and park. It served as a summer residence of Count Sheremetev family in the 18th century and today it is a historical and cultural monument. All landscape and architectural traditions of those times are kept with great love — Kuskovo staff adores their jobs and are always willing to help you and your guide find the most attractive pieces of this magnificent art object. You can visit the Palace and then have a walk around the park with exquisite sculptures and cozy floral ornaments. It is a perfect place to take some stylish pictures and have a rest from your hurry-scurry Moscow schedule.

day 5 Tretiakov Gallery

Tretyakov Gallery is one of the top museums of Russian art; here you will find the most famous paintings or learn about Russian art, if you are not too familiar with it. The guide will tell you about the most significant masterpieces in detail, so be prepared to learn much today!

day 6 Sergiev Posad

It is going to be a very colorful day, and you will actually spend it out of Moscow. This day is a chance for you to see a small part of the famous Russian Golden Ring — beautiful routes of the ancient Russian small towns, that keep the history of Russia and are the cradle of multiple UNESCO sites. Sergiev Posad, with its Lavra and churches, ancient wooden houses and truly Russian atmosphere is the place where you are going to spend the whole day. Besides the sightseeing, you will taste delicious Russian food in one of the local restaurants and buy some peculiar souvenirs, made by the local folk masters.

day 7 Departure transfer

It is time to say goodbye to Russia — your driver is taking you to the airport or the railway station. Don’t be late in the hotel lobby and keep the best memories of your trip!

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