Getting to Russia


Traveling to Russia is easy. There are direct flights to Russia from many cities around the world. You also have the option of traveling by boat, train, bus, or even by car.

By air

The main gateways are Moscow and St. Petersburg. If you are going to visit other Russian cities, keep in mind that many other Russian airports also serve international flights.

The largest international airports of the Russian Federation:

  • Sheremetyevo (Moscow, VKO, UUWW).
  • Domodedovo (Moscow, DME, UUDD)
  • Vnukovo (Moscow, SVO, UUEE)
  • Pulkovo (Saint Petersburg, LED, ULLI)
  • Koltsovo (Ekaterinburg, SVX, USSS)
  • Sochi (Sochi, AER, URSS)
  • Tolmachevo (Novosibirsk, OVB, UNNT)
  • Pashkovsky (Krasnodar, KRR, URKK)
  • Ufa (Ufa, UFA, UWUU)
  • Yemelyanovo (Krasnoyarsk, KJA, UNKL)
  • Novy (Khabarovsk, KHV, UHHH)

Airfares are generally cheaper when booked as far in advance as possible. Midweek travel is less expensive than weekend departures.

By train

International trains go from Europe via Belorus, and, the Belorussian government requires passengers to get a transit visa. Russian Railways offers luxurious railway services to Moscow from such European cities as Paris, Berlin, Nice, Warsaw.

A great option would be to get to St Petersburg or Moscow from Scandinavia, namely, Estonia, Finland, Sweden. These countries are EU members and they are visa-free for citizens of 60 states. Train #33/34 connects Moscow - St Petersburg- Tallinn. Helsinki to St Petersburg and Stockholm to St Petersburg lines offer fast and comfortable trains called Allegro, making the journey an ideal option for travelers as Helsinki international airport receives many international flights.

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By bus

Getting to Russia by bus is less popular than flying, but can be cheaper. Popular international bus routes in Western Europe include those from Belorus, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Poland, Germany and are operated by Eurolines (Baltic states to Russia), Lux express ( Estonia to Russia) Sovavto Buses( Finland to Russia), Gulliver Reisen, Becker Reisen, Eurolines Germany.

The coach fleet serving these routes consists only of modern, fully-equipped busses with declining seats, A/C, coffee, and tea available throughout the ride, WC. Travel time from Western Europe to St Petersburg or Moscow can reach 35-40 hours.

By boat

Another pleasant and quite relaxing way of exploring the most stunning Russia's city, namely St Petersburg, is by taking the Baltic sea cruise. Cruising allows you to explore few countries including Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, and Germany (there can be different options depending on a cruise itinerary).

Although, your stop in St Petersburg might not be very long (1-3 days), the good thing is that according to the Russian legislation the cruise passengers do not need to get a Russian visa, if they stay on board overnight and visit St Petersburg as a part of organized tours operated by a licensed Russian tour company. The downside is that you are obliged to be a part of a guided tour and stay with the group (which can be family-size, though) throughout your excursion. If you prefer to have more freedom, we recommend you apply for a Russian Visa.

By ferry

Ferries to Russia include those running from Finland to Russia, Sweden to Russia, Estonia to Russia, South Korea to Russia, and Japan to Russia.

Helsinki to St Petersburg, Stockholm to St Petersburg, Tallinn to St Petersburg ferries are operated mainly by St Peter line; Donghae to Vladivostok, Sakaiminato to Vladivostok ferry -by DBS ferry company.

In general, ferries are far less comfortable than cruises but often offer more freedom, e.g. ferry passengers from Helsinki to St Petersburg are allowed to stay at a certain hotel (10 min driving from the port) for the period of up to 72 hours.

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