Every Royal Enfield Bullet Lover in Delhi Should Know This

Royal Enfield Bullet 350 classic

RE Bullet classic 350

  • Price: ₹1.52 lakhs – ₹2.17 lakhs
  • Engine Oil Capacity: 2.5 Liter
  • Petrol Capacity: 13.5 Liter
  • Mileage: 35 kmpl
  • Color Variant: Stealth Black, Orange Ember, Gunmetal Grey, Redditch Red, Classic Black, Chrome Black, Chestnut Red

RE Bullet classic 500

  • Price: ₹1.52 lakhs – ₹2.17 lakhs
  • Engine Oil Capacity: 2.5 Liter
  • Petrol Capacity: 13.5 Liter
  • Mileage: 30 kmpl
  • Color Variant: Battle Green, Squadron Blue, Stealth Black, Desert Storm, Chrome
RE Meteor

Royal Enfield Meteor 350

  • Price: ₹1.79 lakhs – ₹2.02 lakhs
  • Engine Oil Capacity: 1.7 Litre
  • Petrol Capacity: 15 Liter
  • Mileage: 35 kmpl
  • Color Variant: Stellar Black, Fireball Yellow, Supernova Beige Custom, Fireball Green Custom, Stellar Blue, Fireball Red, Fireball Black Custom, Fireball Grey Custom, Supernova Blue, Stellar Red, Stellar Pure Black Custom, Fireball Brown Custom, Supernova Brown, Supernova Silver Custom, Fireball White Custom
RE Interceptor 650

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

  • Price: ₹2.59 lakhs – ₹2.97 lakhs
  • Engine Oil Capacity: 3.1 Litre
  • Petrol Capacity: 13.7 Liter
  • Mileage: 25 kmpl
  • Color Variant: Baker Express, Canyon Red, Mark 2, Ventura Blue, Downtown Drag, Orange Crush, Sunset Strip
GT Continental RE

Royal Enfield GT Continental

  • Price: ₹2.75 lakhs – ₹3.13 lakhs
  • Engine Oil Capacity: 3.1 Litre
  • Petrol Capacity: 12.5 Liter
  • Mileage: 27 kmpl
  • Color Variant: Mister Clean, Dux Deluxe, Ventura Storm, Rocker Red, British Racing Green
Royal Enfield Himalayan

Royal Enfield Himalayan

  • Price: ₹1.66 lakhs – ₹2.09 lakhs
  • Engine Oil Capacity: 2.5 Litre
  • Petrol Capacity: 15 Liter
  • Mileage: 30 kmpl
  • Color Variant: Granite Black, Rock Red, Gravel Grey, Sleet, Mirage Silver, Gravel Gray, Snow, Pine Green, Lake Blue, Granite, Sleet Grey, Snow White

Royal Enfield Bullet Service Step Process


The very first step to service any Royal Enfield Motorcycle is washing. This part is important as water can damage some of the things you might unaware of. If you haven’t covered your Tank Lock with plastic. Then the high pressure can damage your tank. Water in your tank is not what you need. The water will get into your carburateur or Fuel Injector System. You will be facing unsmooth rides and missing problems. After Washing properly use the Air Pressure on places like spark plugs, handlebar switch, and body. So that there are no watermarks left. Most Mechanics prefer to do washing at the end but we recommend you to do it first. As by the time the whole servicing will be done. You Motorcycle will be completely dry. There will be very little chance that it will show any starting problem. 

Engine Flush:

Flushing your Engine oil after 10,000 KM is a good idea. But most people don’t know who to flush Engine oil properly. Or what Engine flush do you use. So starting on 3M Engine oil Flush works pretty good for us. So how it properly works. After pouring the Engine flush in your bike you need to run it for 10-15 minutes. We recommend you to take around taking the full-throttle on. This will allow the solution to mix equally and everywhere. After this instantly open the oil nut and let the Engine be flushed. Let the engine oil drain completely. You can also give some air pressure from the pouring oil let. It will result that every last drop of oil through the oil nut.

Engine Oil Replacement:

RE Motorcycles have an engine oil capacity of 1.7L to 3.1L. The main question occurs which oil should we use. According to us the every engine oil is good if you are changing it at the right time. Say The company says the change the engine oil at 5000 KM. You probably change the Mobil oil when your Meter says that it has completed 5000 KM. That wrong! yeah, you heard it right or read it right. Think when you are at a red light the meter is not moving but your engine is started. Getting my point, the Engine is running but not the meter. Yes! that counts, so always change your Motorcycle’s Mobil oil 500 KM earlier. This will not cost you more but keep your engine healthy. Some of the Engine oils you can use are Castrol Power 15W 50, Motul 3100 (15W 50) or Brutal 7.0 (5W 40).

Oil Filter: 

This is like a filter for the engine oil. This keeps the engine’s dirt and wear tear particles in its body. It helps to reduce bigger damages. This integral part should be changed in every service. Oil filter ranges from ₹80 for classic to ₹350 for continental. Always remember when replacing the new oil filter dip it once in your engine oil. After starting the vehicle oil reaches to oil filter after some time, so it should have some moisture in it to move easily. Before closing the oil filter cover apply three bond to it to avoid oil leakage. 

Air Filter: 

This is another important spare part that should be replaced timely. Probably after every 2 services replace it. Easy part easily available.

Royal Enfield Spare Parts and fitment

Disc Pads & Brake Shoes: 

Cleaning and Replacement are very important from time to time. A fully used disc pad can damage your Disc plate and the brake shoe can damage your drum.

Master Cylinder and Caliper: 

Master Cylinder is a part located on the right-hand side joined with your Disc liver. It consists of two more parts a caliper carrying the disc pad and an outer cable carrying the brake oil. Brake oil should be check and top up at every 2nd service. 

Chain Set:

Chain Adjustment is a very critical part that should be done at every service. The company said that the chainset should be changed after 15,000 KM. Chain cleaning and lubricating is another important aspect for maintaining the life of your chain. Chain cleaning should be done at every service. Chain lubrication should be done every week.  

SELF and One Way: 

Many the people face problem in the one-way system in their self. This occurs when you push the start button and noise comes from the self. The sound is loud enough to irritate you. This is easy to replace if done by a specialist. If the self button does not work try a new switch else check your battery.

Wiring and Fuse: 

Most faced problems in RE Motorcycles. It mostly occurs when there is a faulty wiring issue. A wire that is not completing the circuit. This needs time. Searching for a faulty wire is a taught task. Not a big deal for the Mechanics of an authorized service center. Having those wiring equipments. This also leads to damage fuse again and again. Try to keep 2-3 fuses in your toolbox.


If there is any nose check Head Tapit. Tune in your tapits. If there is a leakage from the head of the engine. Replace your Head Gasket. As the old one sometimes gets hard and cuts.

Outer Cables:

Outer cables are of 3 Types. First Hand Brake Cable, Accelerator or Throttle wire, Clutch outer Wire. Every model has a different type of cable fit to that. Try to use only genuine outer cables as they last longer. At the time of service always lubricate these cable wires, if needed replace it.

A Service Station for Royal Enfield Motorcycles in Delhi

Living in Delhi and owning a RE Two Wheeler Motorcycle? From the time owing a vehicle is there any fix Service Center you visit every time and you are completely satisfied with it? Let us know in the comment section below. The place you like our reader to try. We know a place like that. It is not an authorized service station, So its not expensive but we make sure the quality is great. The Place called S.P Automobiles located in B Block, DDA Market, Vikaspuri, Delhi. The things we have explained in the service have learned from here only.

Google Maps of SP Automobiles for Royal Enfield Motorcycle Service, Repair and Spare parts.

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