Now Delhi’s Auto Market will boycott China

The Chinese army may be retreating from the border with the hope of improving relations with India, but the markets in Delhi have taken this whole episode as a lesson. 

Businessmen believe that if we ask for goods from China, then we use our money against us. Therefore, trust in him will no longer be appropriate. This time it is time to take tough decisions.

Therefore, some markets have stopped importing from China completely, while looking for possibilities to promote domestic products and imports from other countries. Auto in about 30 thousand shops from Kashmiri Gate to Mori Gate, Trucks and tractors are traded in parts. 

About 30 percent of the participants here are Chinese products. The remaining 50 percent product is indigenous. The rest consumes products from other countries, including Europe. From here, domestic products also go to other countries with different corners of the country. Now imports from China in these markets are almost closed.

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Kashmiri Gate’s auto parts market has hardly 10 percent import. Orders for these items were placed before lockdown. According to traders, there will be no further import, while the Mori Gate Tractor Ports market has completely stopped importing. 

Emphasis on homegrown products Businesses here has started focusing on homegrown products. While indigenous products are made in Narela, Bawana, Wazirpur, and Anand Parbat industrial areas, auto parts are made in Noida, Ghaziabad, Sahibabad, Rai, Gurugram, Manesar Sonipat and even some districts of Punjab

Now the businessmen of Kashmiri Gate and Mori Gate are giving priority to these indigenous products. Along with this, new orders are being given to them. 

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Emphasis on options is also being considered, along with immediate options, where instead of China, motor equipment is being imported from countries like Taiwan, Ethiopia, Romania, and Japan. Import from here will be a bit expensive, Land, labor, and market are available, then whose concern is the traders clearly saying that we are a big market. 

The land is available here in plenty. Labor is also enough. It is just a matter of production. After a time if we start production with new technology, we are in a position to provide goods to the whole world. For this, they want honest efforts from governments. 

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Such a policy should be made in which there is no problem in setting up a new industry, rather they should be encouraged. Necessary financial and technical help should be provided. 

According to Niranjan Poddar (President, Automotive and General Traders Association), it has been understood by traders that with our money, China is bloodying our soldiers and showing us bullying. 

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Therefore imports from China have been completely stopped. Instead, the emphasis is being placed on other countries and indigenous products. The government will also have to make serious efforts in this direction.  

Vinay Narang (General Secretary, Automotive Ports Merchant Association, Kashmiri Gate) says that Mori Gate is the special thing that buyers are also seeing awareness against China products. People are giving preference to indigenous products. 

Many shopkeepers have also decided not to sell Chinese products. Desi products are a million times better than China. The central government must move seriously in this direction. Lest there be a few days of Chinese opposition. Then import should be started.