China exports 50% of Rajma to Delhi NCR Alone

Vivek of JLV Agro, an organization that monitors the import-export and market of pulses in India, says it is difficult to boycott Chinese beans unless the government imposes additional taxes and restrictions on imports, which of the beans in the Indian market is China It is very difficult to distinguish between which one belongs to India and the other.

  • Chinese beans have arrived home
  • 20 thousand metric tons import every year

China is not only infiltrating India’s electronic market, consumer market, but it is also interfering in our eating and drinking habits. China has also infiltrated the popular food grain Rajma Market of North India. In India, Chinese beans are being sold under the name of Jammu and Kashmir.

Imported from China, Rajma has a good hold in the markets of India. This Rajma is sold in local markets and even the street shops of Gali Mohalla. People do not even know that the rajma that they are eating belongs to India or was born in China.

20 thousand metric tons of imports

Every year 20 thousand metric tonnes of Rajma is imported from China in Delhi NCR. It is more than 50 percent of the entire Rajma market here.

No marketing of Rajma of India

Manish Singhal, who works as wholesale trading of pulses in Naya Bazar of Delhi, says that it is not that the kidney bean is not enough, but the truth is that the bean is spoiled due to no sale

At the same time, Chinese Rajma’s market is spread in a balanced way in India. In India, Chinese beans are available in every part of the country throughout the year, whereas Indian beans are not available in India.

Tastes the same

Born in China and India, the taste of Rajma is almost the same, although the color of both is slightly different. Chinese beans are light brown while Indian beans are slightly thick colored.

Some of the biggest traders of Naya Bazar, the biggest pulses market in North India, are not yet unanimous on Chinese Rajma’s Boycott. Most say that we have placed orders in advance. 

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In such a situation, it will be a loss to own Rajma’s Boycott. Explain that after the deception made by Chinese soldiers in Galvan with Indian soldiers, there is a massive boycott of Chinese products in the country.