About 24 thousand new vehicles landed on the streets of Delhi

After the unlock, the economic conditions of Delhiites are improving. This is the reason that Delhi’s vehicle sales in June have increased by more than 130% compared to May. In June, 23,940 new vehicles have been registered in Delhi. The government’s revenue has also increased due to the increase in vehicle sales. Experts say this is a good sign from an economic perspective.

4 wheeler20844755
2 wheeler854318,741
The total10,62723,940

A total of 10,627 vehicles were sold in Delhi in May, which has gone up from 24 thousand in June. A total of 2084 four-wheelers were sold in May but it sold 4755 four-wheelers more than double in June. At the same time, the two-wheeler which was more than 8 thousand in May has increased to 18 thousand in June. This has also led to a huge jump in the revenue received by the government from the vehicle registration.

The good thing is that apart from private vehicles, commercial vehicles have also been sold in June. It has registered 280 e-rickshaws (passenger e-rickshaws), 85 e-carts (carriers), 61 three-wheelers. With this surge after the lockdown, it seems that after the lockdown in Delhi, the business is back on track.

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However, if we talk about normal days, then the sales of vehicles in Delhi are more than 45 thousand. Talking about January 2020, Delhi had sold 48 thousand vehicles. Due to the festival in Farveer and March, vehicle sales were between 45 and 50. But due to the lockdown, Corona started vehicle sales in May, there was a huge decline.