State & National Level Players Forced to Sell Vegetables

The Corona crisis has affected a large number of people and has also destroyed the dreams of countless people. Instead of practicing players who won medals at the state, national and international levels, they have been forced to run rickshaws or sell fruits and vegetables for the maintenance of the family.

Due to Corona, many people are going through bad economic times. It also includes players who have won many medals at the state and national levels. These days these players are forced to run rickshaws or sell fruits and vegetables on a handcart.

Nowadays, due to corona, everyone has to face some problems. Some are so compelled that they are now beginning to see their future blurred. There are some people among them, who have been living up to the golden dream of illuminating the name of the country in the future and have been working hard for this, but Corona broke the back financially so that that golden dream also scared them Is thought.

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Among them is Lokesh Kumar of Delhi, who won a lot of medals with his hard work. Lokesh is 15 years old and a champion in athletics at the state level. He has been participating in 300 and 600-meter races. Lokesh has won medals in the 600-meter race not only at the state level but also at the national level. Like other big players, he also dreams to win a gold medal for the country in the Olympics.

However, due to Corona, the financial situation has deteriorated so much that all dreams are seen to be destroyed. Lokesh says that sometimes one has to sleep only by drinking water. The compulsion has increased so much that now more time is spent in rickshaw than practice.

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Actually, Lokesh’s father works as a porter and his mother works in the house washing utensils and cleaning, but the lockdown has left both of them completely closed. This is the reason that since the lockdown opened, Lokesh has been forced to drive a rickshaw like his father.

Not only Lokesh, but there is a much more promising future of the country like them, whose condition is also similar these days. Like Lokesh is living in Mahipalpur of Delhi is also similar.

Medal winner in Asian Youth Championship

Ali has won a bronze medal at the Asian Youth Athletics Championships and now he dreams to win a medal at the Olympics as well, but due to Corona, the situation deteriorates so much that these days he is selling fruits on the cart.

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Ali says that due to Corona and lockdown, his financial condition has also deteriorated. Ali’s father also works to sell fruits, so now Ali has also engaged in this work. He says that more time is spent in this work than in practice. If the condition remains the same, the dream will remain a dream.

This situation is not only for Lokesh or Ali but also for many other people who have left their dreams these days due to the deteriorating financial situation and are engaged in working for household expenses. Hope the government helped. If they get help, then perhaps these promising players bring color to try to convert their dreams into reality.