People are Shying of Buying and Selling Chinese Mobile Phones

Delhi: People angry with Dragon’s cowardly act, not buying Chinese mobile phones

Indian businessmen are now shying away from selling Chinese products. Ever since the Galvan controversy, people have been demanding the boycott of Chinese products. Its effect is now falling on mobile phones too. Customers are shying away from buying mobile products from Chinese companies.

  • Boycott of Chinese products started the trend
  • Users are avoiding buying Chinese phones

After the sacrifice of the soldiers in the Galvan Valley, opposition to China is increasing continuously in the country. Even the businessmen of Delhi do not want to do business with China. According to the traders, after the Galvan controversy, their business has also been affected. Buyers are avoiding buying Chinese mobiles, giving more importance to Indian mobiles.

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In India, 70 percent of mobiles are imported from China. There is a demand of the businessmen who buy mobiles from China, that the government should promote the Indian mobile companies so that Indian phones can be made at cheaper rates and China can be defeated at the level of business.

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Mobile phones coming from China do business on a large scale. Not only mobile but every accessory connected with mobile is bought from China itself. One such market is the Ghaffar Market in Delhi. All types of mobile phones are imported from China in the Ghaffar market.

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Honey, a businessman who does mobile business, says that mobiles come in the market at a cheaper price and with better camera features. Such mobile phones are much better than Indian mobile companies. In such a situation, buyers give more preference to Chinese products. In such a situation, if the import duty on mobile coming from China is increased, then you can beat China mobile, as well as China.