Palika Bazaar opened, shopkeepers want metro to run now

The famous underground Palika Bazaar located in Connaught Place in Delhi has also opened. But at present, customer engagement is limited here. Shopkeepers believe that the reason for this is the closure of Delhi Metro. Now the services of the metro should also be opened to the people so that the market can also return outside.


  • Delhi’s municipality market was closed since the lockdown in the country
  • Complete precautions are being taken in the market to fight Covid-19 virus
  • Entry is possible only after screening in this underground market, only 4 of 7 gates open

Right now there are fewer customers in the market, demand for shopkeepers should be started soon.

The famous underground Palika Bazaar of New Delhi, Connaught Place has also opened. Currently, four gates of this market have been opened and now buyers have also started coming here. 

On Saturday, it was very bright here. But the shopkeepers say that after the introduction of Metro service, there will be more crowds of buyers in this market, so the metro should be started soon.

This underground market, with about four hundred shops, opened 235 shops on Saturday. Darshan Kakkar, president of this market association, says that no solution will be found by keeping shops or markets closed. 

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This disease has come, but now the way to deal with it is to take care and start functioning simultaneously. How will the economy revive if you are sitting at home fearing illness? Keeping this in mind, Palika Bazaar has been opened.

Shopkeepers say that all the precautions are being taken in the market, which is necessary. For example, only four of the seven gates of this market have been opened and guards are letting anyone in. 

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As soon as entering the market, the hands of the first customers are also being sanitized. Social distancing is also being followed in the market.

Apart from this, the market is also sanitized by NDMC once a week. Similarly, AC is also being run in the market in a safe manner and a regular temperature is maintained. 

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Now the demand for shopkeepers is that the government should start the metro quickly. This will also increase the morale of the people and will also brighten the market.

Shopkeepers believe that one of the reasons for the lack of customers is that they are finding it difficult to reach Connaught Place. Customers in Palika Bazar come from almost every corner of Delhi, so if the metro runs, it will be easy for them to reach here.