Sold his medals, Donated 2 Lakh in PM Cares Fund

Retired Marine Commando Praveen sold his medals, Donated 2 Lakh in PM Cares Fund

State BJP President Adesh Gupta, awarded Retired Marine Commando Praveen with Shauryachakra, Pravin Tewatia handed over a demand draft of two lakh rupees for selling his medals and depositing them in the PM Care Fund.

Retired Marine Commando Pravin Tewatia had saved 150 lives during the 26 November 2008 attack in Mumbai. During this time he also had four bullets, due to which Tewatia’s lance and lungs were damaged.

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Adesh Gupta said on the occasion that Praveen Tewatia, known as Iron Man, who saved his life by betting on his life and today sold all his medals and deposited money in PM Care Fund in the interest of the country fighting the Korena epidemic. I express my heartfelt gratitude to the brave soldiers of such a country.