Malviya Nagar: mother dead son didn’t notice for 3 days

According to the police, a body was reported lying in a house in Malviya Nagar. After getting the information, police reached the spot and found that the body of Raj Rani, an 80-year-old elderly woman was lying in the room on the second floor of the house.

What has happened to a man? What a world is this? What kind of society is this? Where relationships are becoming meaningless. Where an elderly mother dies on the 2nd floor where the son was on the 4th floor. But the son does not even know about it.

The woman’s corpse keeps rotting in the room there for three days, but no one comes to see. The Delhi Women’s Commission has now called for an inquiry report on this shameful incident in Delhi.

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The police expanded the scope of the investigation. When the son was questioned, the son was saying that he was outside for 2-3 days although he was present in Delhi. According to the police, the case is of natural death.

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The police sent the body for post mortem after the action of the Panchnama. But everyone was surprised to hear that the son did not have so much time for that unfortunate mother, that he could take her news. The elderly woman lost her life while waiting for her son.

The police completed the action after examining it as a natural death. But the Delhi Women’s Commission took cognizance of the matter. Delhi Women Commission has sent a notice to the police.

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The commission has summoned the investigation report of the case from the police. The commission expressed surprise that in the building where the woman died on the second floor, her son also lives on the fourth floor of the same building.