Locust (Tiddi) Attack in Delhi will be here today

Information about locust teams arriving around Delhi has raised the concerns of both farmers and agronomists. Scientists at the Krishi Vigyan Kendra at Ujwa say that no information has been received from the locust team’s entry into Delhi.

But there is a possibility that the locust team may reach Delhi by evening. Scientists also say that by conducting a campaign on behalf of the government, the work has already been done to make farmers aware of the rescue of locusts.

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Dr. DK Rana, the scientist at Krishi Vigyan Kendra, says that farmers have been told that if you see the possibility of locusts coming anywhere, then you should immediately inform the agriculture department. So that an immediate unified effort towards controlling the team begins immediately.

Why are scientists worried

Vegetable farming is happening on a large scale in Delhi right now. If a locust contingent strikes, then the surrounding greenery in the radius of five to seven kilometers ends where it encamps. It is feared that the vegetable crop in the field will be completely destroyed. Apart from this, tree plants will also suffer severe damage.

What to do farmer

Draw drains on the side of the field and fills it with water. Press the eggs and eggs falling into the soil. When the swarm of locusts has arrived, then stop them from sitting in the field by making plate, drum drums, and making a loud voice.

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Use chemicals in the field to deal with locusts. In this, spraying of Lambda-cyhalothrin 5 EC, Chlorpyriphance 50 EC, Malathion, Powder spread.

Distance is fixed on the direction of the wind

He also told that according to the wind trend, a group of locusts can travel from 100 to 150 km in a day. A flock of locusts can churn greenery equivalent to a meal of 2500 individuals a day.