Corona Infected Journalist Commits Suicide by Jumping from AIIMS

A Corona-infected journalist committed suicide by jumping from the AIIMS building on Monday afternoon. The journalist has been identified as 37-year-old Tarun Sisodia. The Delhi Police officials confirmed the incident.

DCP Devendra Arya of South-West Delhi said that Bhajanpura resident Tarun Sisodia was admitted to the Trauma Center of All India Institute of Medical Sciences on June 24 after being found corona infected. 

Sisodia was undergoing treatment since then. At around two o’clock on Monday, the patient suddenly jumped from the fourth floor. DCP Arya said that Sisodia was immediately admitted to the trauma center of AIIMS. However, his life could not be saved.

AIIMS escaping the question arising on journalist’s suicide

AIIMS sources also say that there has been negligence somewhere, which is why family and relatives are demanding an inquiry into the matter. Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan has formed the committee and asked to submit the investigation report within 48 hours.

Coronavirus-infected Delhi journalist’s Journalist Suicide case raises many questions. A statement has been issued by the AIIMS administration regarding the death of journalist Tarun Sisodia. 

But questions remain even after the statement, to which the AIIMS Trauma Center administration tried continuously to answer, but their silence remains.

A statement from the AIIMS administration said that Tarun was admitted to the AIIMS Trauma Center on June 24 because of COVID. He was currently in the TC-1 ICU, which is on the first floor.

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AIIMS has said in its statement that Tarun’s recovery was better and was able to breathe in room air. So there was a plan to shift Tarun from ICU to Ward on Monday. 

AIIMS has also mentioned his brain tumor surgery in his statement and has tried to tell that it was shown to the doctor of neuro and psychiatry.

Family Demands Investigation

His family member was constantly being informed about Tarun’s health, but sources say that this is not completely true, as people of Tarun’s family used to call his journalist friends to get updates. One day there was a problem with the oxygen pipe, then his friends informed the AIIMS administration that it was corrected.

Do sources say that if the information was being provided by the hospital, then why would the family call other people instead of the hospital? AIIMS has further written in its statement that Tarun ran out of ICU at 1: 55 pm, it is reported that hospital attendants also ran after him. 

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Tarun reached the fourth floor, leaped, and broke the window, after which he was admitted to the ICU in a hurry, but could not save even after all the efforts.

AIIMS source says that this theory of administration also seems a little strange, because a patient, who has been admitted to the ICU for the last several days due to a COVID infection, who has difficulty breathing, is fourth from the first floor. Reached the floor and the hospital attendant could not reach her.

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A sick patient broke the window and the hospital attendant still could not reach there. There is a shortage at the security level somewhere. The patient escapes from an ICU and cannot stop it. There are other questions that AIIMS should answer. 

The NBT asked many more such questions to the AIIMS administration but did not receive an answer. The AIIMS administration is also accused of changing the ward, but the silence of AIIMS has raised serious questions.