Fake Tata salt factory busted Delhi

When the financial condition of a taxi driver worsened in the lockdown, he opened a fake Tata salt factory. In this factory, fake Tata salt was cleanly prepared in real terms. Around 10,000 kg of counterfeit Tata salt was also sold in Delhi during the lockdown.

  • A taxi driver built a fake factory in lockdown
  • Packaging like Tata Salt, fake QR codes were printed
  • Two accused including main accused Surljam Singhal arrested

For the last 4 months, the entire country including Delhi has been suffering from the Corona epidemic, but in the meantime, the fraudsters are not getting rid of their fraud. A fake Tata salt manufacturing factory has been busted in the capital and a machine along with about 10,000 kg fake salt has been recovered from there.

Fake Tata Salt Factory in Delhi

During the lockdown period, when people were forced to stay in homes, during this time, fraudsters had sold about 10,000 kg of fake Tata salt in Delhi. Looking at the fake packets recovered, it is difficult to identify who is real and who is fake.

Counterfeit goods recovered in raids

A consignment of fake Tata salt was recovered by raiding shops in Shahbad Dairy area of ​​Delhi. After which the remaining fake Tata salt was recovered from the factory raided in Kanjhawala.

Two accused, including Surlejam Singhal, the man accused of selling fake Tata salt, have been arrested. DIU Unit of Outer North District recovered this fake Tata Salt.

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During the lockdown, in the last 2 months, about 10 thousand kg of fake Tata salt has been sold in the market so far. On the complaint of Tata Salt Company, Delhi Police got into action and raided. Delhi Police seized 3000 kg of fake Tata salt in the raid.

Tata salt suspected due to short supply

The counterfeit Tata salt was printed in the exact same Tata salt-like packaging and QR code was being sold in lockdown.

According to the police, during the lockdown, the Tata company suspected that their product consumption in Delhi was decreasing recently, when a few samples of salt were checked, it was revealed in the checkings that the fake Tata salt was made by real packaging and QR code. Selling in the market.

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When the Tata company began to identify the original packaging and fake packaging, it was found that the accused had done the exact packaging, the photographs on the duplicate packets were also printed on it. But as soon as the fake QR code was scanned, it became clear, because the fake QR code was showing an error on Google.

While the original QR code was being taken directly to the website of the Tata company, after which the complaint was given to the Delhi Police and then the police took action.

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During the raid, Delhi Police caught the entire factory, in which everything from packaging to fake stickers of the company, etc. were being installed.