DPS student-created app can identify corona in 5 seconds

Aryan Gulati, a student studying in class 12 at Delhi Public School RK Puram in the capital, can identify several lung-related diseases including Lung AI COVID-19 in a few seconds through Artificial Intelligence. On Monday, the Ministry of Human Resource Development also tweeted and congratulated Aryan. The name of this app is Lung AI

17-year-old Aryan Gulati told that now the app will get satisfaction before the Indian Council of Medical Research, then it will be used. Aryan said that this app is based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

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This results in 3 to 5 seconds and its accuracy rate is up to 90 percent. Other most common and dangerous lung abnormalities like lung cancer, pneumonia, tuberculosis, etc. can also be detected through this application. This app is also helpful in identifying about 16 diseases.  

Gulati wants to study computer science from IITs, he says that with the help of this technology, testing can also be done in hospitals. There will be no need for any special lab, just the X-ray of that patient. Aryan’s father Brigadier Vikram Gulati is in the army. 

He will be given a prize of 2 lakhs to pursue his idea at the national level with the government. This Aryan app will be identified with algorithms based on AI. In which the scan copy of the x-ray is required. Aryan says that there will be no contact with any patient in this. He will need a digital x-ray. The algorithm will tell whether the person has a COVID-19 or not.