39- Storey Delhi’s Tallest Building greater than Qutub Minar

The path has been cleared to become Delhi’s tallest residential tower near Delhi University metro station. The North Delhi Municipal Corporation has approved the layout plan of this group housing society. According to the proposal, three towers of 145.30 meters height of Group Housing Society will be built on two hectares of land near Delhi University Metro Station. It will be 39 storeys. Which will be used for the residence.

After its formation, it will become the group housing society at the most prime location of the university. It is noteworthy that Civic Center, the headquarters of Northern Corporation, is called the tallest building in Delhi. It is 28 floors and has a height of 101 meters. While the height of Qutub Minar is only 73 meters. While the corporation allowed this tower to be built up to 145.30 meters in height.

Chail Bihari Goswami, chairman of the standing committee of North Delhi Municipal Corporation, said that this place was near the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). He sold it to the private builder at auction. After the change in the master plan and the rules of building construction, the Corporation came to the application to approve its revised layout plan. The standing committee approved with conditions.

The condition is that before construction, the builder will also have to take a clearance from the National Green Tribunal (NGT) and the High Court. The corporation has approved a 200-floor area ratio (FAR) at this place. According to the proposal, three towers up to 145.30 meters will be built. Along with this, facilities from sports to entertainment will also be here. Not only this, there will also be parking facilities.

Decision Opposed and Accusations

Standing committee member Vicky Gupta has opposed the 200 FAR to the plot. Gupta said in the standing committee that these are bungalow zones, in this case only 75 FAR can be approved on all the plots here. The corporation has illegally given 200 FAR. He will continue to oppose it legally. He said that he has no objection to construction by any builder.

Their purpose should be to act in accordance with the law. He said that this property is under the Civil Lines Zone and it falls in the Bungalow Zone. Where no more than 75 FAR can be given. AAP councilors Ajay Sharma and Ravindra Bhardwaj along with Gupta have also accused them of passing it wrongly. However, Chail Bihari Goswami said that in the group housing society, the corporation has a provision to give 200 FAR. Whatever resolution has been passed is in accordance with the rules.