Delhi’s largest multi-level parking starts at Chandni Chowk

Multilevel parking being built in Asia’s largest market Chandni Chowk will be Delhi’s largest parking lot. Apart from about 2400 cars, tourist buses can also be parked in five-storey multilevel parking. 

Senior officials of the Northern Corporation Engineering Department say the project is being developed on the PPP model. It is to be completed by February 2022.

In order to reduce the traffic problem in Chandni Chowk and provide parking facilities to the people, the Northern Corporation had planned to develop multilevel parking on about four and a half acres of land in Chandni Chowk Gandhi Maidan

Senior officials of the engineering department said that the work of the five-storey multilevel parking project was started in September 2019. Due to pollution, the construction work was braided on the order of the Supreme Court and thereafter, due to the lockdown, the construction work was interrupted for about six months. 

The PPP model was told that the construction work of multilevel parking has been resumed after a six-month hurdle. The project has been awarded to Omex on the PPP model. 

This company has deposited Rs 250 crore to Northern Corporation. The Northern Corporation has to deposit revenue of about 450 crores in four installments, out of which two installments have been deposited.  

Buses will also be parked along with cars. It is a big challenge for people coming to Chandni Chowk and the surrounding crowded markets for shopping. 

Officials of the engineering department say that around 2400 cars and 100 tourist buses will be able to park in this five-storey multilevel parking. It was told that the parking of Chandni Chowk will be Delhi’s first largest multilevel parking, in which buses can be parked along with cars.