Deadly attack on TV actor Ansh Bagri suffered a head injury

At present, Actor Ansh Bagri has been discharged from the hospital and has been advised to rest at home.

Television Actor Ansh Bagri has a fatal attack, due to which his head injured. He has worked in several television serials including ‘Dil To Happy Hai Ji‘, was assaulted under his under-construction building in Jwalapuri. During this time, he suffered a head injury, after which he was hospitalized.  

According to the information received, the actor ‘s murderous attack on Ansh Bagri, who lives with his sister and mother in Paschim Vihar area of ​​Delhi, came after a dispute with a contractor. It is being told that he had given the contract for construction of the house, for which 80 percent payment has also been made. Still, he was attacked.

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According to Ansh Bagri, the contractor has attacked him under a conspiracy. In the complaint to the Delhi police, Ansh has told that the incident of assault on Saturday happened to him while the construction work of his house was going on. 

On delay in building the house, Ansh Bagri spoke to him several times and even taunted it, but the contractor has not yet built his house. When the two were debated, the contractor sent about 10 people to Ansh Bagri’s house and he beat up the actor. He said that he was attacked by the contractor with planning. 

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Significantly, last year, the television show ‘Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki‘ fame Ansh Arora alleged that he was tortured a lot by the Ghaziabad police. Because of this, he had to be admitted to the ICU. 

Ansh had complained to the Human Rights Commission of the police. The case of assault started on the night of May 11, 2019, when the actor vandalized a store in Ghaziabad. A video of this also went viral on social media. 

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Ansh Bagri said, ‘The contractor had attacked under planning which I had already paid the amount to build the house, but in March this year (before the lockdown) after a debate he left the work incomplete. 

After this, Ansh and his mother decided that he would get another contractor to do his housework. Then the portions of the lockdown took place at that time in Mumbai and the contractor started threatening and harassing his mother in Delhi as he had given the task of building the house to someone else.

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While complaining to the police, Ansh Bagri said, ‘My housework was going on Saturday and then some people came to my house and they said that they wanted to talk to me. I went out and saw a man making a video and slowly some people are coming around me. 

Then I understood that something is wrong. ‘ Ansh said, ‘After this, I called the police, but he was on his way. Then as soon as I turned back, a man pushed me and about eight-ten people started beating me. ‘ Ansh Bagri has suffered head injuries.