Delhi Police needs to upgrade anti-riot equipment

Recent data from the Delhi Police Inventory showed that the Delhi Police has an urgent need to upgrade tear gas shells and grenades with anti-riot gears to 70%. Also, a 30 percent increase in bulletproof jackets is needed. 

Not only this, but about 36% helmets, 19% sticks, and 13% polycarbonate body shields need to be increased. Since the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) was passed in Parliament in December last year, the city has witnessed several protests, many of them violent. This was followed by a communal riot in north-east Delhi in February in which 53 people were killed and more than 400 were injured.

A senior official aware of the case said on the condition of anonymity that between December 15 and 19, 2019, the Delhi Police fired around 450 tear gas shells to end anti-CAA demonstrations in Jamia Nagar and Seelampur-Zafarabad Fired Around 3,500 tear gas shells and gas grenades were used against the rioters during the communal violence. The riots broke out in several parts of north-east Delhi between February 24 and February 26.

Tear gas shells, their launching guns, gas grenades, bulletproof vest, body shield, sticks, and helmets are the main anti-riot devicesHundreds of protests are held every year in the national capital. In such a situation, the Delhi Police is gearing up to strengthen its arsenal. For this, the force has recently prepared a list of anti-riot equipment available in all the 15 police districts of Delhi and many other units of Delhi Police

Officials of the Provision and Logistics (P&L) Department related to sale and purchase of items for Delhi Police said that after the evaluation, a list of the necessary equipment was prepared and a proposal for the purchase of these items were prepared. Was.

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Delhi Police spokesman Mandeep Singh Randhawa said the proposal to buy anti-riot equipment is in the pipeline. He said that weapons, ammunition, and anti-riot equipment are assessed periodically to ascertain the status of such items. Based on the evaluation, we prepare a list of essential items and send proposals to the Ministry of Home Affairs for the release of funds. 

Data accessed by Hindustan Times shows that the police currently have 61,279 tear gas shells and gas grenades, but about 70% of them have either expired or are close to the expiry date. Similarly, with 16,607 bulletproof vesting forces, 5,104 (about 30%) is to be disposed off. Police have 18,685 helmets out of which 6,718 are not fit for use. The data shows that 16,486 polycarbonate body shields and 23,195 sticks, 2,230 shields, and 4,531 sticks have been declared useless.