Delhi Bar Council demands 500 crores from Contingency Fund of India

The Bar Council of Delhi (BCD) has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday seeking financial assistance from the Contingency Fund and the PM Care Fund to ease the hardship of lawyers in Delhi and NCR.

BCD President Advocate K.C. Mittal said in his letter that the courts were closed since March due to COVID-19 and lockdown and lawyers are confined to their homes, unable to attend court proceedings.

Demands to be given a sum of Rs. 500 crores to the Bar Council of Delhi from the Contingency Fund of India as well as the PM Cares (PM CARES) fund to reduce the hardship of Delhi / NCR lawyers as required given the situation of the legal community facing a severe economic crisis.

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The BCD said the lockdown from 25 March to 30 June gave the first blow to the earnings of thousands of lawyers as the courts closed. The condition of lawyers is getting worse day by day, even they have to struggle for the basic needs which are a matter of great concern.

Unlocking also brought no relief, contrary to expectation, the increase of cases is so high and the courts remain closed, as no relief was granted in this way, rather the situation was exacerbated.

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Nobody knows how long such a situation will last. The letter said that the situation has become worse in the capital Delhi and fear and uncertainty are a matter of concern in the minds of the people.