Travel in Delhi Metro with debit and credit cards

You will be able to use debit and credit cards to travel in the coming time in Delhi Metro. The problem of smart card recharge will also be eliminated. DMRC is going to upgrade its automatic fare collection system. If everything goes well, this facility will start within the next one and a half years. The tender has also been issued by the metro.

Delhi Metro is going to upgrade its entire fair collection keeping in mind the three corridors of metro phase four. DMRC has taken this decision with a view to promoting digitization with contact with fewer systems. 

Under this, the entire Fair Collection System will be integrated with POS (Point of Sale). The ticketing machine will also be integrated with the POS machine, which will also make it easier to recharge smart cards with debit and credit cards

Network zones will be doubled In the Delhi Metro Automatic Fare Collection System, 32 zones have been created for metro network fares. Now, given the growing network of metro, it will be doubled to 64. 

It has been built keeping in mind the three metro corridors and its metro station in Metro Phase Four so that the fare can be cut on its basis. Apart from this, the current system currently has a capacity of 256 metro stations. It also needs to be increased. Now its capacity is being increased to 512 metro stations.

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You will also, be able to pay the fine in the Delhi Metro with the Metro Smart Card. Till now, despite having money in a smart card, there was a provision to pay the fine only by giving you cash. But now this will not happen. 

You will be able to pay the fine from the money on the smart card. This fine is imposed while exiting the metro station. This happens when the last time your fare has not been deducted from the smart card or when the tokens take a long journey from somewhere. 

The AFC Gate is being changed along with upgrading the Delhi Metro Automatic Fare Collection System and also replacing the old Automatic Fair Collection Gate. Around 600 such AFC gates have been identified. 

The work of changing it is going on. They are very old or they are bad. New Delhi and Chandni Chowk are the stations with maximum AFC gates in Delhi Metro where 44 AFC gates are installed.