10 lakh jobs available on Delhi government’s job portal

Labor and Employment Minister Gopal Rai said that so far 6271 companies have posted 22 lakh jobs on the employment portal. Delhi government is starting a poster campaign in Gali-mohallas from next week to make people aware of the job portal.

Many people lost their jobs during the lockdown imposed to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. The Delhi government launched a web portal on July 27 to provide jobs to these unemployed. There are Ten lakh more jobs available on this portal. At the same time, 8 lakh 64 thousand people have also sent applications on these portals to get jobs. After verification of the jobs posted on the job portal, about 3.5 lakh jobs have also been canceled after dabbling and the owners do not give the right answer.

Delhi government told that companies have closed 10 lakh vacancies. This means that these companies have either got employees or the process is going on. Today, there are 9 lakh vacancies left on the portal, where the company needs employees. The number of job seekers is less than the Ten lakh vacancies available on the job portal. Right now vacancies are being posted continuously on the portal. 6271 companies have posted different types of jobs on the portal.

Among the companies posting the most jobs in Delhi are mainly Aditya Birla Group, Amazon, Flipkart, HDFC Life, Kotak Mahindra, Shangrila, Assam Tea, G4S Security, Amba Embroidery, etc.

At the same time, the type of job people are looking for in Delhi, the most back office, data entry, teaching, customer support, tele caller, sales, marketing business, warehouse, lighting, receptionist, HR, admin, IT hardware and networking and delivery is in demand.

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Employment Minister said that the government has a system. It has been shown that for the first time, the number of people coming in contact with our system is 12 lakh 57 thousand. These people have been contacted through our app. He said that there is an option on the app, on which you click, your contact will be direct with the employer and job seekers. After this, the system of their meeting and bio-data is different. If we see now, the vacancy that was 10 lakhs has become full or talks are going on with them.