Supreme Court: De-Sealing of properties in Delhi sealed by MCD

The BJP has even demanded that the justification of the monitoring committee set up by the Supreme Court is over. Therefore, the Supreme Court should dissolve it soon.

The three municipal corporations of Delhi are relieved by a recent Supreme Court ruling. On August 14, the Supreme Court made it clear that the case of misuse of a property for residential work does not come under the purview of the Monitoring Committee set up for sealing. After this, all three units of BJP-ruled Municipal Corporation of Delhi are working on the issue of when to finally start the process of decelerating.

On this issue, Delhi BJP state president Adesh Gupta held a press conference with the three mayors of MCD and told that the three mayors have been told that action should be started soon in view of the relief from the Supreme Court. There will be a timeline on this soon. Former BJP state president and North East Delhi MP Manoj Tiwari also attended the press conference.

Manoj Tiwari reminded him when he broke the seal of a house in Gokalpur area. The case reached the Supreme Court, where Tiwari was reprimanded for breaking the seal, but no action was taken against him. Manoj Tiwari said, ‘The Supreme Court’s decision of August 14 has made it clear that my side was right then and our party has always raised the voice of the people regarding the sealing.’

The party believes that first a SIT has been created for this work, in which officers associated with all agencies are present. Therefore, there is no meaning of two types of committee. 

Who will benefit?

With this decision of the Supreme Court, sealed shops will not open in thousands. Only those properties will be benefited where the property is being used for residential work but they have flouted the rules. In such a situation, there is still no relief for those shopkeepers, who are also worried about sealing at the time of Corona.

De-seal to be 10,000 properties in Delhi, BJP welcomed the decision

State President Adesh Kumar Gupta said that the Delhi BJP welcomed the decision of the Supreme Court monitoring committee to justify the sealing.

Going contrary to the rules in Delhi, the Supreme Court has declared the ceiling of residential premises wrong, and the BJP has welcomed this decision. BJP said that ten thousand properties sealed in the opposite way will be de-sealed. State President Adesh Kumar Gupta made this announcement on Friday by press conference with the mayor of the three municipal corporations. 

Adesh Kumar Gupta said that Delhi BJP welcomed the decision of the Supreme Court monitoring committee to make the ceiling unjustified. He said that the Monitoring Committee had seized the properties of Delhiites by abusing their power, which would now be de-sealed after the Supreme Court verdict. 

The state president said that the BJP has consistently raised its voice against the confiscation of properties, finally the court decided. He said that when the Delhi BJP was fighting for the problems of sealing people’s homes, then the Kejriwal government was doing negative politics. The monitoring committee has no justification now. All the three municipal corporations will start work on the process related to de-sealing by creating a help desk. 

What did Manoji Tiwari say

Former state president and MP Manoj Tiwari said that why did the Aam Aadmi Party or Congress not do the work done by the Aam Aadmi Party or Congress while in power in the interests of the people of Delhi. Delhi BJP demands that one lakh rupees deposited be refunded and people get justice without any fee. 

Let us know that on Friday, the Supreme Court in an important decision ordered to de-seal the residential units of Delhi. The Supreme Court had said that the encroachment is a matter of concern but the monitoring committee was not authorized to take action in cases of residential complexes built on private land.