South Delhi: Home waste will Pick up on just a phone call

The Municipal Corporation of South Delhi will now hand over the task of lifting the debris to a private company, after which the troubles of millions of people will end.

Troubled by the throwing of debris on the roads, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation will now hand over the task of lifting the debris to a private company. In this, citizens will be able to call the corporation and pick up the debris.

At the same time, a fee will also be fixed for this. Which will be much less than private contractors. The corporation is trying to reduce the pollution and dust, whatever debris originates from the colonies goes directly to the designated places.

Rajdutt, chairman of the Standing Committee of Southern Corporation, said that one of the major reasons of pollution in the capital is the debris lying here and there. It is seen that some people dump the debris of their house on the big roads. 

The consequence of this is that dust flies. This also increases air pollution and the surrounding sanitation is also poor. He told that at present, the citizens have no way of how to transport the debris to the designated places. 

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Therefore, we will entrust this work to the private company through the tender process. This complaint will be given to the company personnel in the call center established by the company corporation. 

The company will pick up the debris based on the fixed fee and take it to the place determined by the corporation. The company will also have to share some of this fee with the corporation.

Mechanical sweeper in the streets will be cleaned

Four new mechanical sweepers will also work against pollution by the Southern Corporation to clean up with mechanical sweepers in the colonies to reduce pollution. This will be the first time that even mechanical sweepers will do cleanliness in the streets. 

Because it will be relatively small. Those who will be able to clean the streets easily. The Standing Committee of Southern Corporation has approved the purchase of these. The process of purchasing them from the Urban Development Fund (UDF) fund is in progress. 

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The approval of which has been given by the Union Urban Development Ministry. A fund of Rs 80 crore was approved for this. Out of this, the corporation will repair roads with 20 crore fund. 

Sanitation equipment will be purchased for an amount of 60 crores. With the introduction of four new mechanical sweepers, the total number of mechanical sweepers in the corporation will increase to 22.