Kejriwal Delhi government to start plasma bank for Corona patients

In view of the increasing number of corona infected patients in Delhi, the Kejriwal government has decided to start a ‘plasma bank’ in Delhi to treat patients. Giving this information, CM Arvind Kejriwal said that corona patients can be treated through plasma banks. Kejriwal has appealed to people recovering from corona to donate plasma.

He said that Delhi was the first state in the country where a plasma trial took place two and a half months ago. The trial was done on 29 patients here. The results that came were very encouraging. But in the last few days, there has been a lot of chaos about plasma. People are getting phone calls to get plasma. CM Kejriwal said that Corona patients have two problems.

1. The patient’s oxygen level drops.

2. The level of respiration increases greatly.

Patients get relief by giving plasma

CM said that it has been observed that if the plasma is given to the patient, the oxygen level rises and the respiration level falls. Plasma was given to 29 patients with good results. The Delhi government handed over this report to the central government and based on this the central government allowed plasma therapy in Delhi government and private hospitals. Now plasma therapy is allowed, but the question is, where will the plasma come from? Plasma can only be given by those who suffered corona and are now cured.

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CM said that it is being told that at this time people are stumbling rate-by-step to take a plasma. The aim of the government is to strengthen the efforts that are going on now. The government has decided to set up a plasma bank in Delhi. 

Plasma bank to be built in ILBS 

The Chief Minister said that a plasma bank will be set up at the Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences (ILBS). People are still donating plasma, but there is no system for this, so now the system will be made. Those who have recovered from Corona, pray that you donate plasma. This is true devotion to God.

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Doctor’s recommendation required for taking plasma

The Chief Minister said that a doctor’s recommendation would be necessary to take a plasma. The doctors will approach the ILBS hospital and the institute will give them plasma. Those who have recovered will have to donate plasma in front of them, this is most important. In the next few days, the helpline number will be released by the government. Those who want to donate plasma can contact them by calling on it. The administration will make all arrangements.

CM said that 35 people were given plasma in Loknayak Hospital in the past. 34 of them are alive. 49 plasma delivered to a private hospital. 46 people survived here. CM said that the patients who are recovering now will also be celebrated and motivated to donate plasma. All the antibodies being tested will also be told. So far, 52,000 people have been cured of Corona in Delhi.

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Kejriwal claimed that there is no shortage of beds in Delhi now. There are a total of 13,500 beds of which 7500 beds are empty. He said that people used to stumble from rate to rate in hospitals and keep wandering. When we used to go to hospitals, we would hear that the bed is not empty. But now there is no such problem.