DMRC demand 1300 crore from Delhi Government loss Delhi Metro Losses

Delhi Metro has been closed for more than 4 months due to Coronavirus infection. Due to this, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has suffered more than Rs 1300 crore. Meanwhile, the central government has asked the DMRC to seek help from the Delhi government to repay the installment debt of the Japan International Co-operation Agency (JICA). DMRC has taken a total loan of Rs 35,198 crore from JICA.

DMRC will send a proposal to the Delhi government next week

Recently, the Union Urban Development Ministry directed the DMRC to ask the Delhi government to repay the loan. In such a situation, this issue may become hot in the coming days. DMRC says that this proposal will be sent to the Delhi government next week.

Metro board directors will meet on Monday

DMRC says that the board of directors of the Delhi metro will meet on Monday. In which it will be considered. It is expected that on the same day, DMRC will send a proposal to the Delhi government, requesting it to help repay the loan. DMRC had earlier asked the central government for help. After which the Center has directed the DMRC to ask the Delhi government to repay the loan.

Significantly, for metro projects, DMRC has received a huge loan of Rs 35,198 crore from the agency of Japan at cheap interest. Which Metro has to repay in 30 years. DMRC has so far repaid 3337 crore loans. After which the loan of 31,861 crores is outstanding. In this financial year, DMRC has to fill a loan of Rs 1,242.83 crore but to date, it has been able to repay only 79.19 crores. The remaining 1163.64 crore loan is outstanding this financial year. 

Metro is closed since last week of March

Delhi Metro has been operational since 22 March. Due to this, the metro has incurred an economic loss of about 1350 crores till now. This is the first time the Delhi Metro has to request the government to repay the loan.