Delhi Government will Purchase 6 Lakh Corona Test Kit

A total of 4 lakh 78 thousand corona tests have been managed in Delhi so far. To speed up the testing of Corona, the Delhi government has now purchased six lakh test kits. This means that in the coming 3 months, more corona tests will be done in Delhi.

2 weeks ago, corona tests of about 5-6 thousand persons were being done daily in Delhi. Now the number of corona tests in Delhi has been increased to about 20 thousand per day. It will be further enhanced in the coming days.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that the Delhi government itself has purchased 6 lakh rapid antigen test kits. Now the people of Delhi do not have to eat to get corona tested. All labs are being tested at full capacity every day. The corona test results in just 30 minutes through an antigen test. Through the antigen test, the corona test has become easier and now the testing is being increased through this. It is believed that about 30 thousand corona tests can be done daily in July.

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On the condition of corona infection in Delhi, the Delhi government said that by June 30, about one lakh cases will reach here and 15 thousand beds will be required in hospitals. Similarly, by July 15, 2 lakh cases will be done and 33 thousand beds will be required. By July 31, there will be about five and a half lakh cases and for that about 80 thousand beds will be required in Delhi’s hospitals.

In view of these preparations, a special COVID Care Center of 10 thousand beds is being prepared in the Chhatarpur area of ​​Delhi. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Union Home Minister Amit Shah have jointly inspected the preparations for the Sardar Patel COVID Care Center located at Radha Swami Satsang Beas Complex in Chhatarpur.

After inspecting the preparations, Kejriwal said that to save Delhi in this hour of trouble, I sought the most cooperation and everyone cooperated with great enthusiasm. With the support of the Central Government and Radha Swami Beas, have made Massive corona center has become for its Delhiites

Significantly, 66 people have died of corona in Delhi during the last 24 hours. A total of 2558 people have died in Delhi so far from Corona. At the same time, 2948 new Corona positive cases have been reported for 24 hours. So far, 80,188 corona positive cases have been reported in Delhi.