Delhi Government Job Portal only for Delhi NCR Region

To revive the economy of Delhi and get jobs back to the unemployed people, the Delhi Government has launched the online job portal ‘Rozgaar Bazaar‘ on Monday. Now, job seekers and people looking for jobs will be able to give their jobs and get work by registering themselves on the portal.

Meanwhile, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that we are starting an ’employment market’ today to bring job seekers and employers on one platform in Delhi. This will boost the job market and economy. He said that those wishing to get jobs and workers can apply by visiting the website of the Delhi Government Rozgaar Bazaar Job Portal.

The Chief Minister said that my appeal to all the 2 crore people of Delhi that you have controlled the corona in Delhi with your hard work, understanding, and care. Today your Delhi model is discussed everywhere. Now we have to fix the economy of Delhi too. 

Come, now we all have to make efforts to bring Delhi’s economy back on track. Along with this, he said that even the street-vendors will be able to start their work from today. Orders are being passed today for this.

Kejriwal said on Monday that the situation of COVID-19 in Delhi is improving rapidly. He said that the Delhi model is being discussed at home and abroad. Today the rate of recovery in Delhi is 88%. Only 9% of people are now ill and 2-3% have died. The death toll has declined.

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Kejriwal said that the Delhi government has set an example by controlling the situation without imposing lockdown again. He said that just as we have overcome the corona, in the same way now we have to make efforts to get our economy back on track.

Corona figures in Delhi have dropped significantly. 88 out of 100 people are recovering, death figures have also fallen significantly. In the month of June, Delhi was second in the country in Corona Cases, now Delhi is number 10 in the country.

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