DDA is allowing building a shelter in Delhi, reduce flat prices by 40%

Delhi Development Authority is allowing setting up a shelter in Delhi. The DDA is giving concessions to the prices of flats built under various housing schemes. DDA currently has about eight and a half thousand (8500) flats, which are awaiting customers. These include a large number of EWS category flats.

Recently, the DDA has given a concession of about 30 percent on the flats built near the Akshardham temple during the Commonwealth Games. There is also a discount of 10 to 40 percent on 2019 residential plans. Apart from this, the time limit for making the remaining payment of old flats during lockdown by DDA has also been increased to 30 August.

Commonwealth Games cost reduced

DDA has given a substantial concession in the price of flats built in Commonwealth Games. When these three-bedroom luxury flats were ready during the Commonwealth Games about a decade ago, the prices of many of these flats were found to be more than Rs 7 crore, but now their buyers are not being found.

DDA has reduced its price to Rs 4 crore and is trying to sell them afresh. A senior DDA official said that this sale has been conditioned to be done only by government agencies and such agencies had requested to reduce the prices.

DDA not finding buyers for 8500 flats DDA is not getting buyers for more than 8,500 flats. Despite the drastic reduction in the prices of these flats, the attractive offer of adding two flats, people are not showing interest in it. The DDA is currently running several schemes for these flats which were left out of selling under the old schemes.

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The biggest of these schemes is 6,273 EWS flats in Narela. These flats are available for Rs 9.55 to 12.29 lakh after giving a 10 to 40 percent discount. Despite this, the DDA is not getting buyers. The second plan is for one-room LIG flats. These flats are in Narela, Rohini, and Sirspur.

These flats were returned by the allottees in the 2014 and 2017 housing scheme. The cost of these flats is 14-15 lakh rupees. The special thing is that all these flats will be given at concessional rates ranging from 10 to 40 percent. 40% discount on construction cost will be made on 6,536 flats built in Pocket 1A, 1B, and 1C, Narela. Whereas on Pocket G7 / G8, 960 flats built in Sector A, this discount will be 10 percent.

5 lakhs to be discounted

Two categories of EWS flats were launched in the housing scheme 2019. Some of the flats were old, while 6,536 flats were rebuilt. The newly built flats also have facilities for parking, lift, etc.

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The price of these new flats was kept from 17 to 19 lakh rupees by DDA. After a 40 percent discount on these flats, their price will come down to about 5 lakh rupees. Similarly, the cost of old built flats is Rs 10 lakh, on which a discount of 10 percent will be given.