BJP charge, Delhi govt scam of Rs 1131 crore in electricity bills

The state BJP has accused the Delhi government of scam in association with power companies. BJP says that the government has done a scam of Rs 1131 crore in the name of subsidy and fixed charge in lockdown. Due to this, the government has also exposed the claim of waiving water, electricity bill half.

State BJP president Adesh Gupta said in a media interaction on Monday that the claims of the Aam Aadmi Party, which had gained power, have been exposed. Delhiites are pleading for relief in electricity bills, but the chief minister is executing the scam.

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A 94-day electricity bill was sent even when the meter reading was not being taken in the lockdown. Consumption per month has also been shown in these electricity bills, but the consumer did not get subsidy even in the month where the consumption is less than 200 and 400 units.

In the budget, the Delhi government has provided a subsidy of Rs 2,820 crore for 12 months but has scammed Rs 726 crore in association with power companies and DERC by not giving subsidy to consumers in lockdown.

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Gupta argued that 33 regularize industrial areas, while 22 redeveloped unplanned areas and household industries (11 kW connections and 9 people work) employ about 2 lakh small-scale industries in Delhi. Industries were completely closed during the lockdown.

But the power companies have sent huge bills in the name of fixed charge/average bill. There are about 4 lakh shops in the shopping market in Delhi, about 2 lakh in offices, trade, and complex and district centers.

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Apart from this, 1 lakh shops are in the wholesale market. All of them were also completely closed during the lockdown. Despite this electricity bill was sent. 

If the government does not give the benefit of subsidy, BJP will agitate. Assembly Leader of Opposition Ramveer Singh Bidhuri, United Residents of Delhi (URD) ​​General Secretary Saurabh Gandhi was also present on the occasion.