Synthetic drugs in Delhi is Increasing Rapidly

Trafficking of plant-based drugs (heroin, opium, and cocaine) to synthetic drugs and pharmaceutical drugs is becoming more prevalent in the capital city Delhi. Similar smugglers were caught more recently in the crackdown on drug smuggling in Delhi. Not only this, but the recovery of synthetic drugs in Delhi has also increased by about 25 percent.

These drugs made from chemicals are taking the place of plant-based drugs at the rave party. Meth, LSD, and methylenedioxy/methamphetamine are becoming as popular as party drugs. 

Nearly two dozen synthetic drug trafficking gangs have been identified in the recent actions taken by the Narcotics Control Bureau. Based on this, continuous action is being taken against these gang smugglers and the whole chain is being investigated in an attempt to reach their source.  

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What Synthetic Drugs? 

The drugs (drugs) made with chemicals are called synthetic drugs. According to senior officials of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), its demand is more in the party circuit or at the rave party. NCB officials said that this new trend of drug addiction has increased rapidly in the last two years in Delhi. 

Youth who previously consumed cocaine and heroin are now liking meth, LSD, and meow. Cocaine is a plant-derived natural drug produced in Latin America, while meth and meow are made from chemicals in the laboratory.

Risk Less

According to NCB, the biggest reason for this changing trend is that people use such synthetic drugs as in the guise of drugs. Therefore, people in society are not able to know quickly and the risk is less. It is less difficult for smugglers to get it from plant drugs than from agencies. 

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These synthetic drugs are in trend

  • Methaqualone
  • Amphetamine
  • LSD and 
  • Meow

These 10 areas are the most hit supplier

ISBT and nearby, Karnal Road, IGI Airport, Foreign Post Office Kirti Nagar, New Delhi Railway Station and surrounding areas, Dwarka, Noida, Chhatarpur, Nizamuddin Railway Station and surrounding areas and Mahipalpur 

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What to say

Deputy Director of Operations, KPS Malhotra, deputy director operations of the Narcotics Control Bureau, says that we have identified more than two dozen such gangs in the last two years and smuggled the smugglers and this campaign is going on. Our team is deployed in the areas where they come especially for delivery.