Stole 12 bikes in 15 days to show-off Girlfriend Arrested

If people are struggling with the Corona crisis, then a man from Delhi stole 12 bikes in a round of rotating his girlfriend on a new bike every day. After rolling the girl, he also sold the bike.

On the one hand, the entire country including Delhi is struggling with the Corona crisis, on the other hand, people are not deterred from committing thefts for wooing their girlfriend. In Delhi, a man stole 12 bikes for his girlfriend.

The case is of the Patparganj area of ​​East Delhi. A man became a thief in the process of driving his girlfriend and stole not one, not two, but 12 bikes within just 15 days. However, the police have recovered all the bikes and arrested 3 accused in the case.

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East Delhi’s Patparganj police station has caught a thief who used to take his girlfriend on a stolen bike and later roams the other bike by selling the same bike.

Bike thief Pradeep revealed about the theft came when he was caught while checking in Ghazipur Pocket, asked for the documents of the vehicle, instead of showing the paper, he tried to mislead the police in his words.

Used to sell bikes

A staggering case came to light after policemen rigorously interrogated, where the accused used to steal bikes from Mandawali, Madhu Vihar, and Ghazipur areas daily to please his lover and make him happy by rolling his girlfriend on a new bike.

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After using the bike, he used to sell the same bike, and with the money he got, he used to shop his Lover in the mall and also a party.

Later, after the revelations by Pradeep, the police arrested all the accused who were involved in the incident along with 10 stolen bikes.