Special Cell Arrested 2 Smugglers Near Indraprastha Park

Delhi Police’s Special Cell has arrested two smugglers supplying weapons to miscreants from Delhi NCR near Indraprastha Park. Police recovered 10 pistols and 100 cartridges from them.

Initial investigations have revealed that the accused have sold more than 400 pistols and 1000 cartridges to miscreants in the last 3 years. The captured miscreants have been identified as Raja Gautam and Rajesh. The police are trying to find other gang miscreants. 

Deputy Commissioner of Police PS Kushwaha said that on July 21, the police received information about Raja Gautam that he was going to come to Indraprastha Park with his colleague.

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On this information, the police team laid siege to that place. Police caught them as soon as they arrived. 4 pistols, 6 single-shot pistols, and 100 cartridges were found from them. The miscreants told that they bring the weapon from Madhya Pradesh and sell it to the miscreants of Delhi NCR. 

A case under section 25 (sub section 8) of Arms (Amendment) Act 2019 has been registered in Police station Special Cell for arms trafficking.

Investigation revealed that both miscreants have been associated with this business for three to four years. Raja Gautam previously worked in a courier company. He started smuggling weapons to earn more money.

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Rajesh used to bring consignments from Madhya Pradesh. In return for which the king used to give him 6 to 10 thousand rupees for each consignment. Raja Gautam’s brother was arrested by the police in February this year on charges of arms smuggling