Doctor Killed 40 Taxi Drivers & Throw them in front of Crocodile

The Crime Branch of Delhi Police on Wednesday arrested a serial killer from Baprola area of ​​the capital. Arrested accused BAMS doctor Devendra Sharma is accused of throwing dead bodies in front of a crocodile in the G Hazara Canal in Kasganj, UP after killing and kidnapping dozens of taxi drivers along with his colleagues. 

It is said that the accused is involved in about 40 such murders. Along with this, he is also accused in the case of running a kidney racket in many states. However, the police are questioning him and scrutinizing his entire criminal record. 

Devendra Sharma was accused in the case of kidney transplant case busted in the year 2004, in Jaipur, Ballabgarh and Gurugram. He is accused of having more than 125 kidney transplants. The BAMS doctor-turned-serial killer was booked in Jaipur for jumping parole while serving sentence in the murder case. 

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The accused and its associates were accused of killing dozens of truck/taxi drivers between 2002-2004. After the murder, he used to sell taxis or get them cut in Meerut. According to the police, the accused was serving life imprisonment for murder in Jaipur Central Jail. At the same time, he came out on parole but did not return to jail.

Devendra Sharma, a convicted murderer who had been convicted in several cases, was secretly married and living in hiding in Delhi after absconding on parole. Devendra Sharma was also booked for opening a fake gas agency in Uttar Pradesh. 

Devendra Sharma was arrested in the 2004 infamous kidney transplant case in Jaipur, Ballabgarh, and Gurugram cases. He was accused of having more than 125 kidney transplants. Dozens of kidnapping and murder cases were registered against him in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan after 2002, in which he was sentenced to life imprisonment in several cases.

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DCP Rakesh Powariya of the Crime Branch, the accused was told that information about the wanted criminals was being collected. Secret information was received that Devendra Kumar Sharma, who is serving life imprisonment in Jaipur’s Central Jail in the murder case, came out of Jaipur jail in January on parole for 20 days but has been absconding ever since. 

He has been secretly living in Baprola area of ​​Delhi for some time. On the basis of the information, a police team led by Ram Manohar was put behind him. This team arrested Devendra Sharma, living in a house in street number 10 in the Bapraula area. 

In the interrogation, Devendra Sharma, who previously used to run a hospital, revealed that he has graduated from Diwan, Siwan in Bihar and for 11 years from 1984, he ran a clinic called Janata Hospital and Diagnostics in Bandikui, Jaipur. 

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He got married in the year 1982. In the year 1994, the crook invested Rs 11 lakh for a gas dealership, but the company in which he had deposited the money escaped by cheating people. He faced a severe economic crisis. After this, in 1995, a fake gas agency of Bharat Petroleum started running in Chara village of UP.

Initially, he started bringing LPG from Lucknow to some cylinders. During this time he came in contact with three persons named Raj, Udayveer, and Vedveer, who committed a robbery. These men started robbing trucks carrying LPG cylinders by killing the driver. 

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These used to empty the truck at Devendra Sharma’s fake gas agency. After a year and a half, Devendra was arrested for running a fake gas agency. After this, in 2001, he once again started a fake gas agency in Amroha, but again a case of fraud was filed against him at PS Kotwali. 

Case registered in kidney racket In the year 1994, Devendra Sharma joined the illegal interstate kidney transplant racket running in Jaipur, Ballabhgarh, Gurugram, and other places after heavy financing loss. He was involved in criminal cases registered at these three places regarding illegal kidney transplants. 

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He was arrested in 2004 in a Gurugram kidney racket case in a nursing home run by Dr. Amit, known as the kingpin of kidney racket in the country. Several doctors were also arrested in this case. He had illegally performed more than 125 kidney transplants from 1994 to 2004 for which he received Rs 5 to 7 lakhs per case.

Devendra, who was living in Delhi since March, was serving life imprisonment in a murder case in Jaipur. He was released on parole for 20 days in the month of January after 16 years in jail. His wife and children left him in 2004 only after his misdeeds were revealed. 

After parole, he stopped in his native village and then moved to Delhi in early March. He then went to Baprola, where he married a widowed woman and lived in secret. The police of Lalkothi in Jaipur have been informed about the arrest.