12th class student murdered for not paying ₹20 for Smack in Jyoti Nagar, Shahdara

In Jyoti Nagar, drug addicts had murdered a student of class 12 by crushing them with a stone after not paying just Rs 20. Police have arrested two accused after the investigation. Both have confessed their crime. 

According to the police, on August 18, the Delhi Police was reported to have a quarrel between the youths in Jyoti Nagar. On the spot, police found Jyoti Nagar resident Vikas in an injured state. The police immediately admitted him to a nearby hospital

Where he died during treatment the next day. Police registered a case of murder and searched the CCTV cameras installed around the scene. After seeing the footage, some youth suspected of drug intoxication became suspicious. 

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On the basis of suspicion, the police caught the Raees of Mustafabad and Faheem of Kardampuri and questioned them strictly. During interrogation, both confessed their crime

He told that his old life was known by development. So they asked for 20 rupees to drink smack from him. Bhola refused to pay the money and started abusing him. Due to which, in anger, they crushed his head with a stone and escaped from there.