Pubg Addiction: Minor Killed Woman over Mobile Game

Prashant Vihar police of Delhi have arrested the minor while solving the case of killing the woman. The accused is a friend of the woman’s son. A preliminary investigation has revealed that a minor committed a crime when caught stealing a mobile phone.

During the investigation, it has been revealed that the teenager is fond of playing the PUBG game. He is also addicted to drugs. He often played this game while inebriated with friends. At the same time, the minor child carried out the incident when the woman refused to give her mobile.

According to the information, 45-year-old Sonia lived with her 16-year-old son in Rajapur village. On Friday evening, when the son returned after playing, he found his mother lying in blood.

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The police were informed about the incident. On the complaint of the woman’s husband Madan Lal, a case of murder was registered and a team of Inspector Sanjay Kumar and SI Sanjay Rana was formed to solve the case under the supervision of ACP Prashant Vihar Vikas Shyokand.

DCP PK Mishra said that Sonia’s son’s friend appeared after scanning the footage of CCTV cameras installed nearby. He went to the house at the time of the incident.

Investigation revealed that Sonia’s son’s mobile is also missing from the house. On Saturday, the police found another clue when it was turned on by putting a second SIM in the mobile.

The investigation found that the mobile was sold by a teenager to a street vendor for three and a half thousand. The villager told the footage that he had bought a mobile from this teenager. DCP PK Mishra said that after the information, the police nabbed the teenager with the knife used in the murder.

Intoxicated murder

Police found out during the investigation that the teenager had befriended the woman’s son. He used to come to her house often. Sonia was lying in bed watching a comedy show on Friday evening when the minor arrived there in a state of intoxication.

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He also started watching TV. Seeing the opportunity, he started taking mobile. On resisting, Sonia strangled her with a knife. He knew the password of the mobile, so he changed it and sold it to a street vendor and gave some money to his family.