Parents sold 3.6 yr old baby girl for 40 thousand

3-and-a-half-month-old baby girl sold 5 times in the Delhi. The price of an innocent was 2 lakh 40 thousand

This news shakes off the passion of Jashn-e-Azadi. It is reported that a three and a half-month-old innocent was sold thrice in Delhi. This is the time when Gunjan Sharma and Jahnavi Kapoor are being discussed in the country. Gunjan is the only female pilot who participated in Kargil’s war, and Jahnavi Kapoor the actress who portrayed her on the film screen. The fathers of these two trained and promoted their daughters. At the same time, this innocent father of Delhi sold him for 60 thousand rupees.

The family already had two daughters, so the father was not happy with the birth of the third daughter. He sold the baby girl in Jafrabad. However, after a few days, he felt ashamed of the act and went straight to the Women’s Commission. A campaign to recover the girl child started from here. 

According to the police, the girl’s mother Amandeep, and father Gurdeep sold their three-and-a-half-month-old girl for 60 thousand to a woman named Manisha in Jafrabad. On the father’s behest, the Delhi Women’s Commission team reached Zafrabad area and contacted the police. Manisha could not be found at the address mentioned, but on the mobile, Manisha definitely told that she had sold the girl to Deepa and Manju in Madipur

The Women commission and the police team found in the fourth place immediately reached the address mentioned in Madipur, where a woman named Indu was found. Indu told that Manju and Manisha had left the child with him, but both of them are currently in Shakurpur with him. 

When the police caught Manju in Shakurpur, she told that the girl has been sold to a businessman named Sanjay for one lakh rupees. Sanjay Chavadi lives in the market and is childless. After escaping from here all night, the girl was recovered from Sanjay on Thursday morning. Police have arrested father Amanpreet, Indu, Manju, Manisha, and Sanjay who bought the girl on charges of human trafficking. Work has been started on the rehabilitation of the girl child. 

The father said, how the third girl, Palata, was told by the Delhi Police that when she questioned the girl’s father, who was a driver. He already has two daughters, the third daughter, then he got into depression. The tension was further aggravated by the birth of the girl during the lockdown. 

He wondered how he would spend so much on a modest income. Meanwhile, he found a woman named Manisha who was talking about raising the cost of the baby. He got into the hoax and sold the girl for 40 thousand. When he learns that Manisha has sold the girl, he is furious with his daughter and reaches the Commission’s Mahila Panchayat for help. 

The Commission thanked the Delhi Police, Delhi Women’s Commission Chairman Swati Maliwal said that the team of the Commission had started searching for the girl since late last night. After spending the whole night raiding several places and rescuing the girl from a large racket that was sold five times. The work of the Delhi Police in this case was also commendable. The Commission thanks the Delhi Police. Five people have also been arrested in this case. The commission will also work to punish them severely.