Neighbor threw 2 Children from 4th Floor in Gaziabad

In a bid to exorcise the wife, a young man threw two of the neighbor’s sons down from the fourth floor. The incident took place in Guldhar in Kavi Nagar Police Station Area. Both seriously injured sons were admitted to the hospital, where the condition of the elder son remains critical. The police have registered the case based on the statement of the children’s father and arrested the accused.

Shambhu Paswan, originally a resident of village Pavada in district Samastipur, Bihar, lives with the family in Guldhar Second Colony. He is survived by wife Ramdai Devi, three daughters, and two sons Tribhuvan (9) and Panibhuvan (8). Shambhu is a taxi driver but leaves a job in lockdown if he makes a wage.

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He said that he left home at around 8.30 am on Friday. Meanwhile, both of his sons went to the fourth floor flying kites. Half an hour later, the daughter called them and reported both sons falling from the roof.

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After regaining consciousness the younger son told that both the sons fell due to slipping of the feet while flying the kite. But the younger son Panibhuvan, when he regained consciousness, told that while flying the kite, neighboring Harendra reached the terrace and threw them both down. First threw the elder brother Tribhuvan from the roof to the floor of the ground floor and then threw him. Tribhuvan has suffered head and body injuries. While Panibhuvan’s head is torn from hitting the roof.

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Shambhu’s brother-in-law had run away with Harendra’s wife. Dr. Manish Mishra told that some time ago Harendra’s wife had gone with Shambhu Paswan’s brother-in-law. Harendra suspected that Shambhu was also involved in driving away from his wife. It was about this that he was enraged by Shambhu and threw his two sons from the roof to avenge him.