Majority of frauds are done in Delhi through debit-credit card

In the Corona era, the trend of crime in the capital increased rapidly towards cybercrime. In cybercrime too, the maximum number of cases of frauds were related to debit-credit cards. 

According to the report, out of all cybercrimes committed in India, 57% of it is from e-mail or social engineering. In this type of crime, phishing e-mails or messages are sent to people or companies and as soon as a link is clicked in that mail or message, the cybercriminal acquires all the personal information. After this, he easily takes away the money. 

Top-5 Cases in Delhi  

Fraud TypeFraud Percent
Debit / Credit Card Fraud Cases21%
E-Wallet related fraud
Fraud Calls / Vishing Cases13%
Internet Banking related fraud cases7.4%
Fake profile incidents6%
other types (miscellaneous)36.6%

Delhi: Cybercrime increased in lockdown, up more than 90%

Total cases increased more than double this year

  • 2020 (till 15 June) – 12,999
  • 2019 (till 15 June) – 5761

What to say

Pawan Duggal, a well-known cyber expert of cyber experts, says that most people are using digital platforms, but are not taking precautions related to cybersecurity. To avoid cybercriminals, it is necessary to pay full attention to digital precautions. Take special care of security features. 

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What is Police Advisory

  • Avoid opening any suspicious e-mails and do not open information and links from other online mediums including social messaging apps without investigation. 
  • Use a strong password and multilevel options for social media and banking activities. Do not share personal details with anyone unknown. 
  • Keep your software up to date including antivirus software. Educate your family, especially your children, about how to be safe online
  • Before donating money to any institution in the name of help, do check that institution associated with the charity fund.
  • If you have any doubts about any email, link, website, or phone call, immediately inform the Delhi Police.