Son Stabbed Mother 15 times to death for not paying money for drugs

In Madangir, Ambedkar Nagar, a young man brutally killed his mother 15 times with a knife after she did not pay money on Monday morning. The accused is addicted to drugs and the mother refused to take drugs and give money. Due to this, the accused committed the crime. 

It is also being told that the accused had come to learn Tantric learning and made his first use on his mother. Ambedkar Nagar Police arrested the accused. Police are interrogating him. As of now, the exact cause of the incident is not known.

According to Southern District DCP Atul Kumar Thakur, Anjali (41) lived with son Sagar (22) in Ambedkar Nagar on rent. She came to live here five-six months ago. She lived separately after a quarrel with her husband, although the husband later died.

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Sagar used to act as a DJ. The work was stopped due to the lockdown. He is addicted to drugs and drinking alcohol. He used to ask his mother for money to buy drugs. He came home drunk on Sunday night.

The mother scolded him at this. There was a fight between them on this matter. The landlord had pacified the quarrel, but on Monday morning both of them quarreled over the money. When Anjali refuses to give the money, Sagar stabs her with a knife 15 times. 

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Police reached the information and admitted the injured Anjali to AIIMS, where doctors declared her dead. After the incident, the accused hid behind the stairs in the house itself. He was arrested by the police team under the supervision of Ambedkar Nagar Police Station Dinesh Monga. 

Blood was dripping from Sagar’s body, the accused brutally carried out the incident, it can be inferred that blood was dripping from his body even while going to the police station.

Hearing the noise, a crowd of people gathered on the spot. Anjali was lying inside the room. Blood spilled all over the room. The police believe that the accused killed the mother due to tantric knowledge.