Laxmi Nagar: 80-year-old murdered after looting

The police solved the murder of the wife of a retired Foreign Ministry official in Safdarjung Enclave a day before the 80-year-old electronic engineer was murdered in East Delhi’s Laxmi Nagar area after the robbery.

KP Aggarwal lived alone in the house. On the ground floor, he ran the service center of the IFB company. When his son called on Sunday night, the phone did not pick up.

Even on Monday morning the bell rang, but the phone did not pick up. When the son asked to see the housemaid working in the house, the murder was revealed.

When the maid reached home at around 10 in the morning, she saw that the door of the service center and the elderly’s house were open. The body of an elderly man was lying on the floor inside. The maid made noise and called the neighbors.

Information was given to the police at around 10:30 am. Senior police officers reached the spot. Initial investigations have not found any injury marks on his body.

Police are apprehensive that he was strangled to death. There is a possibility of the hand of a knowledgeable person in the incident. The murder was committed on Sunday itself.

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Home goods were spread. The shelves of the house and service center are also open. Police is anticipating robbery. District Deputy Commissioner of Police Jasmeet Singh says that apart from CCTV cameras installed around the service center personnel and servants are being questioned.

KP Aggarwal , who was high in many big companies, lived alone in his house in Laxmi Nagar. After engineering in electronic form, he worked in a high position in many big companies.

After retiring, he opened the service center of electronic company IFB on the ground floor of his home. It employs four boys and a young woman. He also used to have a maid for domestic work. Police are questioning everyone’s details.

All three children married, son with family in Dubai

Anil Azad, the nephew of KP Aggarwal, told that the wife of the elder died about 8 years ago. He is survived on a son Tusshar and two daughters Ruchi and Neha. All three are married.

Tusshar lives in Dubai with family. Ruchi Indirapuram of Ghaziabad and Neha lives in Bangalore with their families. On hearing the news of the father’s death, interest first reached Lakshmi Nagar. He said that the father had no enmity with anyone.

Interest is not known about what went missing from the house. Tusshar wanted to take his father to Dubai, but they were not ready for it. He was also associated with the Agarwal Samaj in East Delhi and participated in all the programs of the society. Anil said that his tau was a very sociable and social person.

Elders are under attack by Robbers

Living alone in the capital have long been targeted by robbers. Two days earlier, his wife Kanta Chawla (88) was killed by miscreants by tying the arms and legs of 94-year-old Baldev Raj Chawla, a retired Foreign Ministry official living in Safdarjung Enclave.

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Now on Sunday night, an elderly engineer living in Laxmi Nagar was killed by miscreants. The Delhi Police makes many claims for the protection of miscreants living alone, but these claims are again being questioned.