Husband kills wife & 2 Children with a Hammer in Nihal Vihar

The body of Preeti (28), her son Veer (9), and daughter Srishti (5) were found lying dead in a house at Shivram Park in Nihal Vihar area in outer Delhi on Sunday morning. Preeti’s husband is absconding. Police are apprehensive that he committed the crime due to domestic conflict. 

A blood-stained hammer has been found at the scene. Police are anticipating that Preeti and the children have been stabbed to death on the head and face with a hammer. All three bodies have been sent to Sanjay Gandhi Hospital for post-mortem.

Nihal VIhar Murder of Wife and children with hammer

According to the police, in November 2009, Preeti was married to Sultanpuri resident Gagan Kumar (36). Their two children were Veer and Srishti. Gagan had the task of planting marble. The family lived in a rented house in Shivram Park. Preeti’s brother Paras told that Gagan was addicted to alcohol. Often he used to beat Preeti after drinking alcohol. 

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Preeti’s maternal grandfather also belongs to Shivram Park. Preity talked with her parents at around 10 pm on Saturday. After this, when the family called Preeti on Sunday morning, she did not pick up the phone. 

At around 11 am, Preeti’s father Ramchand Gupta reached her house. The door of the house was open from outside. Inside the bed were blood-soaked bodies of Preeti and her two children. Ramchand immediately informed the police.

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Senior police officers of the district reached the spot. During the investigation, the police found Preeti and children’s clothes cluttered. All were stabbed to death with a heavy object on their head and face. 

The police found a blood-stained hammer from the room. It is feared that this incident has been done. Initial investigation revealed that Preeti and Gagan quarreled on Sunday morning.

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Preeti’s parents, who are calling Gagan a murderer, are in a weeping condition of Preity’s parents and brother. Mother Kamlesh Devi was crying, saying that the killer was not shivering while killing the children. 

He brutally murdered them. Brother Paras told that Gagan’s family lives in the Sultanpuri area. After marriage, the Gagan family left and shifted to a rented house in Shivram Park itself. 

When Preeti stopped her husband from drinking alcohol, he quarreled. Many times he beat Preeti in front of the children. When the children saved their mother, he beat them too.