Gang rape of 26-year-old girl behind Red Fort in Delhi

A 26-year-old girl was gang-raped in a park on the Ring Road behind the Red Fort in Delhi. This incident has come at a time when in view of Independence Day, heavy security forces are deployed around the Red Fort. Currently, the Delhi police are looking for the accused by registering a case under the section of Section 376E gang rape.

According to the information, the victim hails from Midnapore in West Bengal and came to Delhi six months ago in search of a job. However, she could not find a job anywhere and started living on the sidewalk around the Red Fort. 

The victim said that she was sitting in the Delhi Chalo Park behind the Red Fort on Saturday afternoon. Then two young men came there. It is alleged that they gang-raped the victim at the tip of the knife and escaped from the spot.

Sources attached to the Delhi police said that the victim was lying in the park in a blood-soaked naked condition. After some time, when she regained consciousness, she started washing her bloodstains with water-filled in the pit there. 

In view of Independence Day, the security personnel of Delhi Armed Police arrived there patrolling and saw the victim washing bloodstains in naked condition. The jawan then reported the incident to the police control room. The Kotwali police got the victim meditated at Aruna Asaf Ali and sent to Nari Niketan Ashram after first aid.

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The identity of the victim when the sketch was made, helped the police to get the sketches of the two accused to be normal. After this, the local police showed the sketch to the people living on the pavement nearby, and then the two accused were identified as Raj and Karan

According to the police, the two absconding accused are already of criminal background. Based on the victim’s statement, Raj and Karan are being sued and a search is being done. It is being told that both the accused are homeless. Therefore, the police are searching for them in the rain shelters beside the footpath.