Umesh Rathi aka Monty has more criminal cases than Vikas Dubey

Police of Vasant Kunj South police station in Delhi has caught two thieves who used to steal luxury car for fun. Their target was the Honda City car. The police found in the investigation that the gang’s mastermind is the son of a retired army soldier, while the other fellow is a mechanical engineer. Police have recovered 5 Honda City cars from them.

According to the Delhi Police, the main accused of this gang is Umesh Rathi aka Monty. You will be surprised to know that there are more cases against him than his age. From school time itself, the habit of extravagance, leisure, and pleasure had brought him on the path of theft. When he was a minor was fond of luxury cars and used to steal them. The police of Vasant Kunj South police station has managed to catch this thief at the moment. 

More than 65 cases have already been filed against Umesh Rathi. In the month of February, he came out of jail, and as soon as he came, he started carrying out the theft incident. After getting out of jail, he chose a new partner named Akash. Aakash is doing mechanical engineering and had a good knowledge of vehicles. So Umesh Rathi took Akash with him. 

Both the accused used to Reiki in VVIP areas of Delhi first. After that, they used to steal the lock of any vehicle by a magic key. Both these vicious thieves had been a headache for the Delhi Police for the last few days. Both these vicious thieves stole a vehicle in the Vasant Kunj South area, after which a special staff team was formed in the police station of Vasant Kunj South.