CCTV Video: Journalist traveling with 2 daughters Shot Dead

CCTV footage has surfaced in the case of shooting on Monday night in the Pratap Vihar area of ​​the Vijayanagar police station area of ​​Ghaziabad. 5-6 miscreants have been gunned down and surrounded by journalists. In the CCTV camera, the journalist is seen passing through the road with his two young daughters.

Scared of the incident, daughters somehow run away and save their lives. During this, 5-6 crooks get him off the bike and beat him. An attacker shoots him in the head.

The injured journalist falls to the ground after being shot. After the miscreants run away, the daughters approach the father and ask people for help.

According to the police, the nominated report against the three people, in this case, was filed by the family members of the injured journalist, out of which one crook Ravi has been arrested.

Police are interrogating him. After interrogation, the police will arrest the miscreants whose names will be revealed and all their absconding colleagues.

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It is clear from the CCTV camera footage that the miscreants were so enamored after the lax attitude and carelessness of the police that they shot the journalist on a busy main road.

The bullet has been shot very closely and in the head of the journalist because perhaps the crook did not want journalist Vikram to be alive. A complaint was made against the accused of molesting his niece by the injured journalist to the police two days ago, in which no action was taken.