ATM Fraud: Recovered 108 Debit Cards when caught with a skimmer

The police of the South-East district on Friday night caught four gang miscreants of a gang extorting money from bank accounts with the help of a skimmer. The arrested accused used to collect the details of their card in the name of help to those coming to the ATM. After the details of the ATM card, they were absconding with the help of a skimmer, withdrawing money from the ATM. 

Such increasing incidents in the district, the soldiers of Govindpuri police reached the ATM as customers. Two bike riders reached there for help as the ATM did not withdraw money. When the two suspects were suspected, the head constable caught them.

Seeing this, two more accomplices waiting outside the suspects reached the ATM. Seeing this, the other policemen already posted there caught the four accused with a gun. Police recovered a knife, skimming machine, four mobile phones, a stolen bike, and a Hyundai car from the accused. 

DCP RP Meena said that the Govindpuri police were constantly receiving complaints of people withdrawing money from ATMs. On late night, the police intensified patrolling in Tughlakabad Extension area based on secret information. As per the strategy, head constable Krishna Pandey arrived as a customer at 2-3 ATM booths in plain clothes. 

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Late at 1.05 pm HC Krishna Pandey went to Axis Bank ATM and came out without any transaction. Meanwhile, two suspects arrived there by bike to help them. When in doubt, the head constable caught them both.

Seeing his partner being caught, two other companions rushed outside the ATM waving the pistol. As soon as the accused arrived, other police personnel posted around the ATM caught the four accused. 

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In the search of the accused, 108 debit cards and small swiping machines of various banks have been found. During interrogation, the accused arrested their names Vikram, Shahid, Mehruddin, and Aamir, hailing from Haryana.