the family alleges that swimmer Ashutosh died due to negligence of the hospital

After the death of a national level swimmer in Delhi from corona infection, questions are being raised about the procedure of treatment in hospitals. The family alleges that swimmer Ashutosh died due to negligence of the hospital.

  • The hospital administration misbehaved while giving the dead body
  • Hospital accused of not admitting at the right time

Questions have been raised about the treatment of Corona patients once again in Delhi. After the death of a national level swimmer from Corona, his family has questioned the treatment being done in the hospital. The family alleges that swimmer Ashutosh died at just 26 years of age due to a lack of treatment and negligence in the hospital.

On June 17, Ashutosh, a national level swimmer, died due to corona infection at Lady Harding Hospital. Ashutosh’s family members are questioning the hospital administration in the whole matter. They allege that Ashutosh died due to lack of treatment and negligence of the Lady Hardinge Hospital administration.

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There are also allegations of family members that while giving the body of the player, he was also mistreated. At present, other members of the house will be subjected to corona examination after performing the last rites.

The family members of the deceased swimmer Ashutosh made serious allegations against the Lady Hardinge Hospital Administration, saying, ‘On June 10, Ashutosh’s health suddenly worsened, after which he was taken to Lady Harding Hospital.

Where his COVID-19 test was done. After investigation, the doctors told them that they were not having beds, and asked them to stay in the house and get treatment.

Corona report disappeared from the hospital

The family members brought him home, where treatment was started by keeping him in the house in the manner prescribed by the doctors. There was no significant improvement in Ashutosh’s health with each passing day.

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It is alleged that after four days when the family members went to the hospital to get his report, they came to know that their corona investigation report had been lost.

Doctors did not reach for checking

His private tests were done by family members, in which he was found to be Corona positive. Ashutosh was then rushed to Lady Harding Hospital in a critical condition, where he died on 17 June.

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The family members allege that where he was kept, there were no facilities of any kind. The doctor also did not come to see the swimmer.

Ashutosh used to swim for Delhi

Ashutosh lived with his family in a rented house in the Karol Bagh area. He was married in February this year. It is being told that Ashutosh had a birthday on June 19. The family members say that Ashutosh used to swim for the Delhi state and also taught children swimming at Shivaji Stadium.

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At the moment, on the one hand, after the death of Ashutosh, the family members are questioning the treatment, on the other hand, the biggest problem has arisen in front of the families about the livelihood too because Ashutosh was the only one in the house, the money of the house. The expenditure used to go on.