One Lakh People Beat COVID-19 in Delhi

The number of those who beat Corona in Delhi has crossed one lakh. So far 1,01,274 have been cured. Now only 16,711 active patients of Corona remain. In the last 24 hours, 1,475 new positive cases have been reported, while 26 patients have died. At the same time, 1,973 patients were discharged after admission from various hospitals.

According to the Delhi Health Department, the total number of infected has increased to 1,21,582. So far, 3,571 patients have died from Corona. On Saturday, 21,658 people were investigated. Out of these 1,475 people got positive.

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That is, the infection rate was 6.8 percent. The number of patients living in home isolation has increased to 9,136. There are 15,475 beds available in the capital’s COVID hospitals, of which a total of 3,635 patients are admitted. 2,291 patients are being treated in the COVID Care Center and 174 in the Health Center.

These can hold 544 patients at the health center and 9,284 at the COVID care center. According to the Health Bulletin, a total of 7,98,783 people have been examined for corona in Delhi so far. There are 42,041 investigations per 10 lakh population. At the same time, the recovery rate of Delhi has increased to more than 83 percent.