YouTuber of New Zealand donates plasma to “help Indian companions”

Karl Rock replied to CM, “Wow, Arvind Kejriwal called me in Delhi person … it’s an honor”

Amidst the ever-spreading coronavirus infection in Delhi, CM Arvind Kejriwal has appealed people to donate plasma to help COVID-19 patients. Impressed by this appeal, New Zealand video logger Karl Rock, who has been living in Delhi for the past three years, took the initiative and donated plasma to help coronavirus patients. 

Karl’s praise was given by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. Reacting to the video, Kejriwal said: “New Zealand native Karl Rock donated the plasma. You have to watch his video about his experience. I am sure it will help many more people to donate plasma and save lives. Will encourage you to help “

Karl Rock responded to CM, “Wow, Arvind Kejriwal called me a Delhi wala … It’s an honor” Released a short video describing his experience at the Science Institute. He also appealed to more people recovering from Corona to come forward to donate plasma. 

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Karl Rock says in his video, “Hello guys. Now you know that I also had Corona. And one of the benefits of this is that I can donate plasma to help people who are in critical condition…. So, second I heard that the Chief Minister of Delhi has opened a plasma bank, I called them and registered myself, “

Karl said, “It is a privilege for me to give plasma to help my fellow Indians and to help others,” Karl Rock reminding his audience, “Plasma therapy we have right now with COVID-19 Is the best treatment “.

In the 9-minute video, he takes the audience on a brief tour of South Delhi, including the Khan Market and the residence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the late Jawaharlal Nehru. At ILBS in Vasant Kunj, Delhi, Rock interacts with hospital staff in Hindi. When the medical staff is preparing him for plasma donation, at that time he is seen describing his symptoms.