FIR against 680 people in Delhi for Spitting

  • Spitting has been banned in public places
  • People’s habit is not improving in Delhi   
  • The action was taken on 680 people for not following the rules made for the Corona era.

Corona infection in Delhi is worsening the situation. After Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, Delhi Corona has reached third place in the country in terms of infected persons.

Despite this, people are not strictly following health regulations. People are still being careless towards spitting and applying masks in public places.

This is why the Delhi Police has now tightened its stand. Now those who do not follow the rules of the Corona period are being strictly booked and fined.

According to the information given by Delhi Police, the action was taken on Sunday on 680 people due to non-compliance with the rules of the Corona era.

This includes cases of spitting in public places, not applying masks, and not maintaining a physical distance. According to the information, a total of 7587 cases have been registered in Delhi these cases so far.

It is not that the police are only taking a punitive approach. Along with following the corona rules, people are also being made aware of it in the corona period.

Meanwhile, the Delhi Police is also distributing masks to people and is also appealing to people to maintain physical distance. The police are also carrying out its social responsibility by distributing 31788 masks.